tOp cOmmeNt widget

Would you like to display a list of the top commenters in your blog?
This widget will enable you to do exactly that! If you install this widget, a list of the top ten
people who have commented most in your blog will be displayed with along with
the count of comments they have made.

This is a great way of thanking readers who comment regularly and
is very easy to add to your blog layout using the
one click widget installer


fitri oh fitri said...

thnx! bole la nak buwat! haha

Anonymous said...

nak buat juga..

bellar0ssa said...

huhu thx for sharing bro.=D nice one.

AbgFeroZ said...

oke2 no problemo :)
ada ilmu kta share2 :)
xbaek kdkut :P

dinda.teJa said...

arigato arigato kozaimas!

hafizah abu bakar said...

nak try jugak lah..

pastu jangan lupa singgah blog saya pulak tau..

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