mylOok or yOurlOok ?

ngeee.. sbnarnye aku p0wn xtau benda nie ape..
tp blogger2 laen suruh join jar..try2
mane la tau ada income.. tp xda la harap sngat coz benda free
xkesah la.. x luak mane p0wn.. so aku p0wn try la..
thx utk bdak2 yg join under aku kat facebook..
ape benda mylook nie.. ??

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p/s... kalu mlas nak search ajak kwan2 join biar diaorg search
kita dpat free2 jar.. hik hik.. so ajak la kwn rmai2..


FeroZ said...

ngeee.. hahaha..
bubuh jerk la.. menda free
xluak p0wn..

Ahmad Hidayat said...

mende ni????
mcm scam je..

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